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BIMS Seminars

Robert Bosch GmbH

Fundamental physics of the behavior of polymeric materials is presented in a very elegant way. On top of that, the wide range of examples brought by Vito's broad experience provides a lot of value to this training.

BIMS Seminars

Schöfer GmbH

The vast knowledge gained from a lifetime in the field of plastics processing,' what you learn here makes you think outside the box of everyday simulation work. Questions from practice are answered competently and comprehensively. All that remains for me to say is: "Keep it up!"

BIMS Seminars

Vibracoustic SE & CO. KG

Almost perfect! Complex facts are conveyed in an understandable way and make appetite for more!

BIMS Seminars

TE Connectivity

"A top-class expert training that represents real added value. Such a deep understanding is rarely conveyed."

BIMS Seminars


"The BIMS seminar provides a compact entry to deal with the injection molding process far off from the usual literature. In the very intensive seminar you get a good overview of what is really important in injection molding from a physical point of view."


  • How exactly can I access the free introductory videos describing the courses ?

    The free intro videos are embedded in the course as a free feature. To be able to watch the free videos you have to be registered on the platform, which is both free and totally risk free. You just have to sign-in with an email/name, create yopur password, and you are good to go. No obligation to buy anything. If you find a course that you like you will then be able to buy access by following the instructions .

  • How are these online courses different from you "touring" BIMS-1 and BIMS-2 seminars ?

    BIMS-1 and BIMS-2 are two days long public or private sessions. Because these are live sessions, we privilege the interactions during the course, but must limit the content to fit the overall schedule. In the online courses we will go deeper into the subjects or cover additional aspects that we cannot cover in the BIMS-1/BIMS-2 sessions. So the public sessions offers the specific advantage of meeting other people working in the field and discuss with them or me. The online sessions offer the possibility of going deeper into the subject and the very powerful value of digesting the material at one own's pace. The ability to play and replay allows you the extract maximum value from the online training. In the public sessions, people are usually a bit overwhemed by the sheer amount of information distilled in two days, and can only really grasp part of it. Many people actually take the BIMS-1 or 2 multiple times over a few years. Overall, the two approaches complement each-other very well.

  • Can we order as a company multiple seats and pay later with a classical invoicing process ?

    Yes you can. You send us a P.O. and we invoice you later and comply with your accounting/payable processes. In the meanwhile, we can manually enroll those students as they identify themselves on the platform with their name, email, etc. (plasticsYOU GmbH, Wurmbenden 15, 52070 Aachen, Germany - [email protected])

  • I don't understand if VAT will be added to the amount shown as a price ?

    To make life easier to all, the final total price will always be the one shown on the button. If you register as a Eu company with a correct VAT code, you will get an invoice compliant with Eu exchanges (both your and our VAT code on the invoice, no VAT to pay to us). If you register as an individual or choose not to fill-in VAT code, wewill take the VAT expense on my side (19%). But the final price for you will still be the amount shown, like 80 EUR for instance. Effectively, private students are paying a lower price , since we take care of paying the VAT ourselves. Distant customers (US, Asia, etc) buy without VAT which is not due based on Eu regulations.

  • Will I have access to the lesson and slides forever once I enrolled and paid ?

    No. Well, the slides are downloadable, so you'll keep them forever. The video material will be available for you to view and review for several weeks, with no limits on number of replay. Leaving unlimited access would harm our business over the long term, allowing people to share the course. However, if large companies would like to negotiate an annual subscription fee, we can discuss that. Note that we recently extended the full-bundle access to a whole 4 months. Students that really don't make it can always get in touch and we will be happy to extend access for free.